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Politics 5 November 2010 | 4 Comments

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Re State Election Nov 27

www.repealsection8.net.au has been set up to log responses to a single question for all candidates for election and re-election. The question relates to Section 8 of the 2008 Abortion Reform Bill that overrides doctor’s liberty of conscience:

Will you, if elected (or re-elected), vote to support a motion to repeal Section 8 if such a motion is introduced?

YES / NO / undecided

Signature:  ____________________________________

The actual mechanism to achieve this may be something different than repeal but the spirit of the question is clear in asking for support to remove this provision. Please note we are not asking you to move such a motion – just asking for your support. Nor are we seeking your view on abortion or the Abortion Reform Bill – just the conscience provision.

Your response will be recorded on the website as an aid to voting.

4 Responses on “Letter to MPs seeking re-election”

  1. Hi my name is Ben Veitz I am contesting the seat of Bendigo East against Jacinta Allan who voted in favour for the abortion bill and its ammendments. I will definetly be seeking a repeal of section 8 ( I am also a medical professional) and be seeking many other ammendments..

    Yours in Him

    Ben Veitz

  2. I am the Socialist Alliance candidate for Footscray and do NOT support a motion to repeal Section 8

  3. Glenn Colla says:

    Hi. I am the Family First Candidate for Lara. I’ll be standing up to the bully- John Eren who voted for abortion to be legalised in 2008. I’ll be Lara’s voice for life and will certainly seeking a repeal of section 8.

  4. T says:

    Bendigo ITPV news clip says Peter Schwarz in Bendigo East is against the Abortion Act.

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