Final Thoughts re Election and RESPONSES

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Final Thoughts re Election

Not since Federation has there been such a clear choice between right and wrong, good and evil, as in this election.


  • defining issues are evils that are legislated by government
  • no issue is more clear than the compulsion of evil by government


  • the rights charter that excluded the unborn child
  • abortion “reform” with abortion by any method for any reason without anaesthetic right up to birth
  • compulsion of doctors to refer even when this would violate their conscience

The responses by candidates to whether they would support a repeal of the conscience clause gives a very distinctive choice between good and evil because no government should ever compel its citizens to act against conscience where this is in accord with a highly respected ethical code such as in medicine.

The list is incomplete. Email notification and response was the only method of contact apart from sitting MPs who were contacted by post. Many emails with political party addresses were undeliverable particularly those with “name”

Where the response is blank it can be assumed there was in fact “no response or undeliverable”.

To assist in this process and fill in the blanks it is helpful to refer to the excellent Christian Values Checklist that shows Labor to be a definite NO to restoring freedom of conscience in this issue (and also to repeal of the Victorian Charter). However there were exceptions in both Labor and Greens where candidates said YES.

For further information refer to the excellent sites

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  1. Ian Brearley says:

    Go for it you good warriors of the Truth!
    Love in Jesus

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