Letter to MPs seeking re-election

Politics 5 November 2010 | 4 Comments

4 Responses on “Letter to MPs seeking re-election”

  1. Hi my name is Ben Veitz I am contesting the seat of Bendigo East against Jacinta Allan who voted in favour for the abortion bill and its ammendments. I will definetly be seeking a repeal of section 8 ( I am also a medical professional) and be seeking many other ammendments..

    Yours in Him

    Ben Veitz

  2. I am the Socialist Alliance candidate for Footscray and do NOT support a motion to repeal Section 8

  3. Glenn Colla says:

    Hi. I am the Family First Candidate for Lara. I’ll be standing up to the bully- John Eren who voted for abortion to be legalised in 2008. I’ll be Lara’s voice for life and will certainly seeking a repeal of section 8.

  4. T says:

    Bendigo ITPV news clip says Peter Schwarz in Bendigo East is against the Abortion Act.

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