To the people of faith in Victoria re State Election

Politics 10 November 2010 | 5 Comments

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  1. Sandra Caddy & Anne Foster says:

    Hi, this is to say Anne Foster is standing as a candidate for CDP in Bendigo West and I -Sandra Caddy-am standing as a candidate for DLP in Bendigo West.
    We are standing because we could not risk voting for the four major parties in our electorate because of the horrendous abortion ‘reform’ law they were all complicit in voting in.
    We stand totally opposed to the abortion law reform on all points.

  2. Maree Johnson says:

    I am against abortion, and definately dont agree that Drs should be compelled to participate against their beliefs

  3. Lachlan says:

    Thankyou! Are you a candidate? Lachlan.

  4. Trudi Aiashi says:

    I am also a DLP candidate hoping to provide an alternative for the ‘protest’ voters. I do not want a Greens/ALP anti-life agenda setting the example for other states to follow. As it is, our late term abortion rate has increased 600% due to interstate mothers taking advantage of our ‘inhuman’ law.

  5. Brian Tideman says:

    This section 8 is an attrocious, immoral and unjust attack on the rights and freedoms of doctors, and of course, to many, the rights of the foetus which usually continue on to being like one of us, humans that have basic right of continuing existence or life.

    But just as serious are the losses of freedom and extreme disrespect (many acctually enabled by the Vic Charter of Rights, EO, discrimination and vilification laws.

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